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One-Pager Designs
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Think|Stack Branding Materials

Think|Stack is a design thinking and IT innovation company in Baltimore, Maryland. They are entrepreneurs, project managers, engineers, and technicians who respect the interconnectedness of technology systems. They collaborate within an agile environment to design innovative solutions to real problems.

From working on the Barcoding brand, many people realized the talent I have when it comes to developing a brand and creating the brand. Creating a brand doesn’t just include the messaging and the logo – it also includes all the different assets and the brand guide. Tim Foley, VP, Alliances & Marketing at Think|Stack reached out to me in early 2019 about creating some T-Shirt designs and one-pagers. Little did I know that creating some t-shirt designs and one-pager documents were just the start of our Think|Stack journey. I have created a wide variety of branding materials for Think|Stack including; brochures, backdrops, swag designs, presentation templates, case study templates, one-pagers, and much more! I am continuing to grow the Think|Stack brand by creating new graphics with mountains & clouds and organizing information most effectively and efficiently as possible.


Print, Identity, and Infographic Design


February 2019–Present

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