Stevenson University: residence life curriculum guide 2017-2018

I created a 20-page layout design for Stevenson University’s Residential Curriculum. I used the gears from the Residence Life logo to include some photos from events & meetings. I also created a gear pattern to put on some of the pages in the guide. I was able to organize the information & create hierarchy by creating bullets, headers, sub-headers, numbered bullets, and more.

Originally, the whole guide was created in Microsoft Word. The Resident Assistants never bothered to look at it because it did not look interesting & inviting. The Residence Life department originally just asked me to create the cover, but I recommended to let me re-design the whole guide! After re-designing the guide, a Resident Assistant mentioned that they were much more excited to read the guide now that it was well organized and inviting.


Print Design


June 2017

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