Stevenson University: New Student Orientation 2017

For Stevenson University’s New Student Orientation for 2017, I was given the opportunity to design all the graphics for the 4-day weekend. Graphics included the logo, tabloid pamphlets, two t-shirt designs, pop-up banners, and a Snapchat filter. Inspired by classic board games such as Chutes & Ladders, I developed the idea of creating a board game design for the New Student Orientation schedule. The concept was that new incoming freshmen and transfers could follow the events like a board game to attend as many events as possible to get to the finish line at SU is Home!

For the first part of this project, I began by creating the icons and the logo. I wanted the icons to have a fun aesthetic so I hand drew them. The typography "New Student Orientation," was also hand-drawn lettering. Here are some of the icons that were created!

An additional design that was needed for NSO was a pamphlet design for the event, Resources for Horses. It is a program that offers 6-10 sessions for each time frame. The design needed to include a description of all sessions, place, time, and name.


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May 2017

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