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Barcoding Executive Forum

About the Project

Barcoding, Inc. is a supply chain automation and innovation company that enables organizations to be more efficient, accurate, and connected. As part of our thought leadership series, we host an annual Barcoding Executive Forum (EF8) – an event built for our customers to deliver innovation, networking, best practices, and inspiration.

This year was the 8th anniversary of the event and we worked to develop a new identity to refresh the look and get people excited to celebrate our company's 20-year anniversary. As part of this campaign, we developed a series of collateral to promote the event and the new additions to the schedule including a Women in Supply Chain Luncheon, our first in our company's history. Included in the collateral, we designed an eight-page responsive website, VIP invitations for our top Tier Customers, and digital marketing materials to elevate the experience.

The design of the print and digital materials was inspired by the flying barcode in our logo. The barcode was abstracted and used in the icon set, invitations, agendas, environmental signage, event name badges to create an experience from the moment they received an invitation, to their experience on the day of the event.

EF8 Icons & Branding

Inspired by Barcoding's logo icon, I used the flying barcode as pieces of the icons to create a fun and abstract icon set. The icons were used throughout the printed pieces (map, agenda, signs, invitations) and the digital pieces (social media, guidebook app, and the website).

    Icons from Left to Right:

  • First Row: Recording Studio, Break, VIP, Registration
  • Second Row: Innovator of the Year Award, Keynote, Women Lead Summit, Lunch
  • Third Row: Coffee Break, Breakout Sessions, Location, Main Icon (8th Annual Forum)

Event Promotion

VIP Invitation
One of the first deliverables of the Executive Forum was the VIP invitations for our top tier customers. The printed invitation was printed on a shimmery paper and included a die-cut to insert the VIP ticket into the invitation. We decided to make the card include a die-cut since we had invitations going to tier 1 and tier 2 customers - that way we could have a fun insert for each customer.

Responsive Website
Since there was lots of information such as speakers, agenda, travel, etc., that attendees needed, I designed an eight-page responsive website on Hubspot. The website turned out to be very successful since we had over 450 clicks on the register CTA buttons. There were also over 300 people that attended the forum. Check out the website at learn.barcoding.com/executiveforum.

Email Template & Signature Images
Email was the main way of promoting our event to over 5,000 customers, partners, and employees. Since the email template was going to be used almost weekly, the bottom of the email template is an informational section about the location, previous EF8 video, and an RSVP section.

Another way of promoting our EF8 event was through email signature images that would appear at the bottom of an email. The images also linked to the website, so almost every email was a promotion for the Executive Forum.

Executive Forum Email Signature Image

Day of Event Materials

The materials for the Executive Forum varied from printed pieces to digital pieces. The digital piece consisted of developing the Guidebook App. The Guidebook App for EF8 was created so that attendees could have all the forum information in their pocket. The app also allowed us to be able to send notifications to attendees – reminders, special events, news, etc. The printed pieces consisted of the event name badge & pocket agenda, stickers and tees, and a variety of event signage.

Pocket Agenda & Name Badge
One of my favorite printed pieces was the tri-fold agenda. It was perfectly sized to fit nicely inside the name badge holder. Having the agenda behind a name badge made it convenient for the attendee to just turn their badge around to see which session was up next. The pocket agenda included a full schedule with times and locations, conference center map, and a section for our top sponsors.

Since the name badge had to allocate for a barcode to scan attendees into sessions, a blank white square was placed on top of the badge design. I designed the label template using an application called Bartender (#SupplyChainGeek) and organized the information on the label so that the name stood out and was readable. Another part of the name badge was the blue Barcoding lanyard. The lanyard made a wonderful addition since it was representing the Barcoding brand in almost all photos from the EF8 event.

Stickers & Tees
I attended AIGA LeadCon in Philly, PA during the fall of 2018 and was inspired by Josh Higgins and the Facebook Analog Research Lab. Higgins started the Analog Lab to promote creativity and community through art and design. My coworker, Jennifer Jericho and I were so inspired by Higgins that we made our own secret design club at Barcoding. This is how we came up with the idea for our Supply Chain Geek Hero stickers and "Every Solution has it's Geek" Stickers and Tees. For the tees, we emailed employees to get creative and submit their ideas for t-shirt slogans, Jillian Margiotta, Account Manager, came up with the winning slogan. Her creative slogan led me to create the maze design that leads to the #SupplyChainGeek.

Executive Forum Stickers & T-Shirt Designs

Event Signage: Women in Supply Chain Luncheon
As part of this campaign, we developed a new addition to the schedule including a Women in Supply Chain Luncheon, our first in our company's history. I volunteered with many other Barcoding employees to make the luncheon happen. We wanted women to feel important and vital to the technology and supply chain industry. When I was planning the event, Jennifer Jericho and I came up with the idea of having inspirational and informal takeaways at the event. The takeaway consisted of a women in supply chain card that featured some amazing & inspiring women. The women we featured were Sally Ride, Ethel Payne, Juliette Gordon Low, Hedy Lamarr, Naomi Parker Fraley, and Melitta Bentz. There were over 40 women that attended the event (customers, partners, employees) and I can say that every woman left that room inspired. I cannot wait for what 2019 brings for us women in the supply chain.

My favorite was Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian-American actress, and inventor who pioneered the technology that would one day form the basis for today’s WIFI, GPS, and Bluetooth communication systems. Lamarr was more publicly known as an actress but now she is being recognized as the mother of WIFI and Bluetooth.

Download the Women in Supply Chain Cards that feature Sally Ride, Ethel Payne, Juliette Gordon Low, Hedy Lamarr, Naomi Parker Fraley, and Melitta Bentz.

Women in Supply Chain Welcome Signage

Event Signage: Day of the Executive Forum
There were over 20 signs that I designed to create wayfinding for the Executive Forum. I complimented the Barcoding brand with the event branding using the abstract icons, and the patterns. The event signage was crucial because it made attendees feel welcomed, informed, and intrigued. Some of my favorite signs include the welcome signs, podium sign, Barcoding experience sign, sponsors sign, and the conference map sign. This event made me realize that the signage at the event can make or break your event – it certainly made EF8 the most amazing event. See more pieces from the Barcoding EF8 event on my Executive Forum Behance Post.

Thank You!

This event was definitely a learning experience within branding+design but also within all other things - event planning, making a barcode label, and more! Thank you to my marketing team, Jennifer Jericho, Brand Manager, Jody Costa, VP of Marketing, and Melina McLean, Digital Design Consultant. Thank you, team, for helping me learn how to plan an event, run an event, and design an event – you all truly made EF8 the best it could be. Another thanks to Backroom and the Barcoding employees for all your hard work that really made the Barcoding Executive Forum a successful and amazing event!


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