Save the Bees

Bees are one of the foundations of nature and life. How are we going to survive without nature? Increasing interest and awareness of the bee population will be great for humanity but when will we start caring? Will we wait until there are only a few bees left to live? It Is time that we stop ignoring and started caring. This is the moment that I realized that to make a difference I needed to create an infographic on saving the Bees.

For sketching, I began to draw different bees and icons I could throughout the infographic. I drew bee hives, honey jars, bees, hexagons, and honey jar labels. This is where I got all my inspiration for the imagery in my graphic. After sketching, I took my icons into Adobe Illustrator and started to develop my color palette. Decided on yellows, orange-reds and some brown shades. After designing my icons, I decided to look at my research and see which information worked best with the graphic. Overall, I am very proud of my type choices and the icons I created to help Save the Bees.


Infographic+Identity Design


November 2016

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