Branding Guidelines

Family Crisis Center Branding & Campaign

The logo identity, website prototypes, and branding guidelines were created for the client, Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County. For the logo concept, the icon created represents the letters, “B” and two “Cs”. The “Cs” represent two telephones which are interacting in ways very similar to the previous triangular logo. The “Cs” represent the victims needing help, interactions between people, and the lifesaving call to the Crisis Center where someone is helping the victim on the other line.

Another deliverable for the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County was creating a campaign ad. The Help Campaign is a campaign that brings the community together to protect against domestic violence. The campaign includes a questionnaire survey that asks, “Am I a Good Partner?.” It can be used in high schools, colleges, community centers, and more. Once someone fills out the survey, they will learn the meaning behind their scores and receive a free long sleeve shirt. They will also learn more about domestic violence throughout this process and become a community member to help against violence.


Identity Design+Print Design


November 2017

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