Barcoding Launch 2019 Overview Infographic
Barcoding Launch 2019 Overview Infographic - Instagram Version
Barcoding Launch 2019 Overview Infographic - Social Media

Barcoding Brand Launch Infographic

Barcoding Rebrand

Barcoding, Inc., is a supply chain automation and innovation company impacting tens of thousands of organizations across the globe, helping businesses increase revenue, reduce operational costs and improve their customers’ experiences through our core expertise areas: data capture, labels and printing, and mobile computing solutions. Our organization has grown and evolved in its 20-year history, adding new areas of business as technology changes, but the visual identity for Barcoding had not adapted to reflect these changes, still using a barcode as its primary brandmark.

On January 9, 2019, we launched a new mark that represents the solutions we build together with our customers and partners, no matter what the future of technology holds. The mark represents the importance of every small building block (whether a piece of data, a team member, or a process) in creating something meaningful. The new branding for Barcoding represents our endless possibilities! As part of the brand launch, we developed a much more comprehensive design system for the organization that is more flexible and adaptable to various mediums.

Thanks to all of our hard work on the new brand, we earned a Bronze Indigo Award for Branding and Computer Animation! Learn More about our Indigo Award.

About the Infographic

There were many things that went into the brand roll-out; such as ordering swag, changing corporate templates, attending meetings, photographing new headshots, planning the internal launch party and much more. We really wanted to show and document our process of launching a new brand and we decided upon creating an overview infographic. The launch overview infographic serves as a snapshot of our Barcoding Brand Launch and why it was successful. It includes information about the team, our process, accolades, and other brand launch facts. One of my favorite facts on the infographic is how our brand is so hot that it set off the fire alarms and led to 2 fire trucks coming to our building!

The infographic was added to Jennifer Marin Jericho's LinkedIn article on our rebranding as well as our Barcoding blog. Versions of the infographic were also created for social media—Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’ve learned that the launch date is just the start of the rebranding process. The work that comes after is what determines success. By designing with our people at the center of our process, we ensured that the materials and messaging we developed meet their needs.

Thank You!

Thanks so much to Jennifer Jericho, Jody Costa, Melina McLean, Backroom, Jericho Vinegar Works and our Brand Ambassador team. We are #hiptobesquare!


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