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At Barcoding, from start to finish it takes up to 4 months for a case study to be finalized. While we continue to develop case studies that require longer turnaround times, we also chose to find another way to share the successes. We gathered quotes from our customers and designed social media messages where we could elevate our brand without as much heavy lifting from various internal teams. This small change helps us accelerate the sharing of our customer stories, without compromising the value of our case studies.

To ensure the sales team was using the content created, we developed social media images, Power-Point templates, email signature images, and simple 1-2 page PDF documents that sales folks could use to showcase Barcoding's solutions. We also redesigned the case study page on our website. Since the redesign, we have heard great feedback from the sales team about how it is much easier to navigate and find stories to share with prospects.


  • Jennifer Jericho, Brand Director, Marketing & Design, Barcoding, Inc.
  • Jody Costa, VP of Marketing, Barcoding, Inc.


Website & Information Design


Spring 2020

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